Professional photographer based out of Blue Springs, MO serving Kansas City & surrounding areas.

​Available for destination shoots and weddings. Have camera, will travel!

Erika the Photographer

Kansas City Portrait, event, & Conceptual Art photographer

The art of life through the lens

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Why hire a pro?

I am a self-taught professional photographer who has been shooting for over 16 years and have been capturing images all over the country. My friends and family call me "The Caffeinated Squirrel." Work with me just one time and you will know why! :) 

LIKE WHAT YOU SEE? let my lens tell your story.

Let’s face it. Just about everyone today has access to some sort of camera. We all have one on our phone. The economy is nice and strong, meaning that most people can get their hands on a decent camera … even the high end ones. So why hire me? Well, like the saying goes … “Does owning a stove make you a great chef?  No, it simply makes you a stove owner.” I have been shooting for over 16 years now.  This is my life.  This is what I do.  I have invested countless amounts of  years and moneys learning, studying, researching, training and practicing this thing called photography.  Why?  I do it so that I can always continue to grow and learn as an artist. Photography isn’t just about taking a pretty picture.  It’s not about taking one hundred shots and hoping that at least one of them comes out OK. It certainly isn’t about taking said so-so images and then trying to make it great by playing with it in Photoshop.  I heard once at a photography convention a renowned master speaking on stage  say that "If you take a turd and try to polish it, what do you get? A polished turd.  It’s still a turd."  I know, that’s kind of a funny analogy, but it sure changed my world forever!  

From that moment on I decided to up my game and learn all that I can about photography so that I could purposefully, intentionally and consistently take a quality image straight out of the camera, that takes little-to-no editing, and that my clients will love.  Why should I depend on Photoshop to give you quality images? I want my clients spending their time enjoying their photos, not waiting on me to edit them. And because I work so hard to take the perfect shot on set, (I will crawl on the floor, climb on ladders, and have been even known to hang out of a tree!)  I can deliver the final products to my clients freaky fast, sometimes even the same day! For me, photography isn't just about the art of it.  Photography is about having a great experience and making my clients happier than they ever thought possible!  Can your cell phone do that?  I think not !