All that being aside, when I just started photography I had set out with the sole purpose to just take pretty pictures for my self and my clients, and I still do. Having said that, my views of photography change dramatically over the years, namely because of one portrait session. You see, when I got remarried I brought into the marriage my two children, and my husband his one. The only thing about his one was that he didn't have custody of her (which meant weekend visitations) and two, she was severely handicapped. She could not walk, talk, eat or communicate and despite the Dr's prognosis, she was a full grown teenager when I first met her. 

Now, since I was a photographer, naturally I insisted that I take portraits of daddy & daughter during one of our visits. This debate went on for years before I finally won that battle because my hubby hated the idea of having his portrait taken and he didn't think we could because of her condition. Alas, I finally won the argument and one fine weekend, with two new white shirts, a simple bed sheet draped over our headboard, we had ourselves a quaint and quick little photo shot. All was well. 

And then tragedy struck ... not even 6 months after our little session, our sweet little girl became deathly ill and within a few short days, she was gone forever. Suddenly those images from our session that I had to beg him to do are now among the most cherished prints that are gracing the walls of our home. There's practically not a week that goes by, even after several years, that my husband doesn't thank me for taking those portraits and it is in that light that I have come to realize the power of photography. 

Yes, having beautiful photos of your loved ones is what we all seek, but what you don't realize sometimes is that when the ones we love are gone, or even grown up and moved away, suddenly those pictures become the most cherished possessions that we own and that is an honor and responsibility that I simply do not take for granted any more, and neither should you. 

Thank you for taking the time to hear my story and I invite you to contact me when you are ready for me to photograph yours.

Erika the Photographer

San Antonio Portrait & Event Photographer

A little bit about me ... 

My photography journey started 17 years ago around the infancy of the digital eras, and while I started shooting my imagery in film, it quickly transformed into digital. Over the past many years, I have shot many different things such as pregnancies, babies, seniors, weddings, and events. Along with my private shoots I’ve also worked with such companies such as Showtime, HBO, Toyota, Salvation Army, 7 Frito Lay. In addition, one of the coolest parts of what I do is getting the rare chance to meet and shoot some noteworthy celebrities along the way such as NFL & NBA players, college football coaches, TV hosts & anchors, and even Mrs. Bush (the younger one!). My clients have taken me all over Texas, to Vegas, California, and now in Missouri, Kansas where I now reside with my family.