Erika the Photographer

Kansas City Portrait Photographer

All that being aside, in my many years of being behind the camera, I was in the need to have a quality portrait of myself for an article a while back and panic set in! I didn’t have a single decent portrait of my self! “How can this be?,” I asked my self, and soon my answer became oh-so clear. I realized that I was like 90%+ of my clients in that I hated being in front of the camera too! (Ironic, I know!) So, after kicking my self out of my comfort zone I decided to face my little uncomfortable deamons and get in front of my own dang lens. Up went the hair, on went the camera ready makeup, and in front of my own camera I stood. This process eventually grew into a seven day adventure, and you know what, I am glad I did it! Not only did I finally get some awesome photos of my self that I could be proud of, but my friends and family also enjoyed seeing me in the spot light. Even more awesome still, was the fact that since I faced my own fears, got out of my comfort zone, and had some amazing images to show for it, I realized that for the next several weeks I was walking around with my head a little higher. Everywhere I went, there was little bounce in my step that hadn’t been there before. Now when people told me “Nice photo” I knew that that meant it and that for once I was actually proud of myself and how I looked!
It was just the most amazing feeling of elation and self confidence that I had experienced in all my life, and so now my mission is to help others have that same sense of pride and self worth, and it all starts with me taking the most amazing photos of you! I would like to personally invite you to be the next person in front of my lens. Let my hair & makeup artist pamper you and bring out the best in you for a day, and then together we will all rally together to create the most wonderful and stunning portraits of yourself that you have ever seen and that you will be proud to display on your walls for generations to come. I promise, you will be glad you did!

I invite you to contact me any time to discuss your very own empowering portrait session.

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My photography journey started 17 years ago around the infancy of the digital eras, and while I started shooting my imagery in film, it quickly transformed into digital. Over the past many years, I have shot many different things such as pregnancies, babies, seniors, weddings, and events. Along with my private shoots I’ve also worked with such companies such as Showtime, HBO, Toyota, Salvation Army, 7 Frito Lay. In addition, one of the coolest parts of what I do is getting the rare chance to meet and shoot some noteworthy celebrities along the way such as NFL & NBA players, college football coaches, TV hosts & anchors, and even Mrs. Bush (the younger one!). My clients have taken me all over Texas, to Vegas, California, and now in Missouri?Kansas where I now reside.