Erika the Photographer

San Antonio Portrait & Event Photographer

Want to know more about working with me? Here’s what some of my customers are saying …

This photo was taken over 9 years ago when Addie was 6 months old. When we saw your work we knew you could make our daughters photos special! This photo means the world to us! Everyone we show loves it! There are so many others you did also that are unbelievable. These photos are so important because you can never relive those years of your kids life unless you have photos like these to look back on and cherish.We never had a photographer like you that was so intense about his or her work like you were. We will never forget that time we had with you because it was more than just a photo shoot. We enjoyed the time spent with you like you were family.”  Jack E. 2018

“This shot was taken back in 2007 when I was in the Army. I look back at this picture (of me and my son) and remember the sacrifice I chose so that my son could have everything he wanted and needed. Not having this photo would hinder a time of my memory because this was the last photo opportunity I had with my mother before she passed away and went to heaven.”  Jerod M.

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Fall 2007 ~ " Growing up we had our family portrait taken every once in a while.  I decided that I wanted to do this with my own family and would do my best to have them taken each year.  In this picture, my son is 5 yrs old and my middle daughter is 3 yrs old.  This particular portrait has meant the world to me as my son at this point was still becoming verbal and Erika was able to capture him in our world so to speak.  His gaze at the camera was dead on and he was in the moment with the rest of us.  My daughter was giggly and the expression on her face captures that.  These two have always had a quiet close bond that is captured by this image.  The image will always remind me of where we were and how far we have come." Rosa L.