Erika the Photographer

San Antonio Portrait & Event Photographer

As seen in the internationally published magazine, Practical Photography, these photo sessions are like nothing you have ever seen. photographed after sunset, these 2-3 hour photo shoots are as fun as they are magical. You can only truly understand & appreciate the whimsy of these one of a kind sessions by participating in one. With a large assortment of lights, wands, flashlights, and accessories you are transformed into a magical being of the night. All the special effects that you see here are captured in the camera meaning there is zero Photoshop done! Some images can take up to 5 minutes per photo and once I close the camera shutter you will get to see right before your very eyes you image on the back of the view finder. There are no words that can describe the exhilarating feeling that you experience when you see these images come to life! You simply have to see it in person to believe it and your friends and family will simply be amazed at the final prints!