Erika the Photographer


Kansas City Portrait, event, & Conceptual Art photographer

What are the sessions like?

In a word, fun. Engaging. Easy. Ok, so that’s more than one word but the point here is that I want you to enjoy your time with me. It’s ok to cringe seeing your dentist, but not your photographer! I want you to be relaxed and confident because it will definitely show in the finished image. We will first start the session with some basic set up and poses. After a few minutes we will then take a look to your images so far to go over your strengths, any weaknesses, and learn to polish up your looks. In my many years of experience, almost nobody gets that perfect shot right out of the gates. It takes time, practice, finesse, and sometimes it takes a while to get into the groove. Don’t be at all surprised if your best images come towards the end of the session! My end goal is for us to work together as a team and for you to walk away from the shoot saying to yourself “That wasn’t bad at all! I can’t believe I actually had fun!”

How to get started.

First things first, you have a photographic need.  Great! The next step is to get in contact with me.  We can meet face-to-face over a cup of coffee to talk about your vision needs or converse over emails.  Whichever is best for you.  I will listen to your thoughts and roll around ideas while we talk about your shoot.  After that, if you feel we are a good fit together then I will email you a copy of my contract.  That way you will get to know right up front what products and services you can expect from me and all the “thees & thous” of what my services entail. I believe in being an open book from the beginning.  Once you sign the contract and send it back I will send you a link to cover your required 50% deposit to secure your date.  As the shoot gets closer I welcome any ideas that you might have, as well as cover any questions or concerns that might pop up.

What to bring to the photo session.

When it comes to clothing, I always believe in bringing several options.  Together we can discuss what we might like for the days shoot.  That being said, if you are not in love with it, the please do not bring it!!  There’s no need in bringing anything that you are unsure of.  Think about it, if you have on that perfect shirt, you feel awesome in it and your whole demeanor shines!  Conversely, if it’s not something that you are comfortable in, then no matter how well the session goes, the expression on your face will show your doubts.  Ladies, bring your makeup bag for touch ups, and I always ask that both guys and gals bring their own hair products.

How many “looks” do I get?

As many as you like, just keep in mind that our session together is under a time limit.  I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather spend it together shooting … not wasting it for wardrobe changes. Often times, showing up in layers is a quick and easy solution.  We can shoot together first with a jacket, then take it off to a dress shirt, and then perhaps to a tank top.  Again, it’s all up to you.  Just keep your choices clean, freshly pressed, and minimalist.  The focus of a portrait or head shot is all about YOU, not the wardrobe.  The same goes for jewelry … clean, polished, and simplistic if at all.

After the shoot.

Because I work so hard in set to get the perfect shot “in the can,” all my imagery takes little to no post processing work. I do this so that you don’t have to spend your precious time waiting on the final products … I want you to enjoy them as quick as possible. Because my post-processing work is so freaky-fast, often times they are posted the very next day! (Depending on how many prior bookings I’ve had, of course). All images will be provided to you in a private online gallery for viewing and sharing with your friends & family. Highlights from the session will also be posted on Erika’s Facebook page for social media sharing as well. Prices for print & file purchases will be available in accordance with your signed contract.



The Headshot Session $250

One hour of coverage with Erika, either in her home studio or at a location of your choice (
Restrictions apply*). Approximately two weeks later (usually sooner) all images will be provided to you in a private online gallery for viewing, sharing, and purchasing with your friends & family. Clients are allowed to choose up to 4 images for retouching ($50 per each extra edit request, payable upon request). The finished images (including extras if purchased) will be provided to client as high resolution files with print release.


Family & High School Senior Portrait Sessions $350

- Two hour photo shoot with Erika at a location of your choice (
Restrictions apply*).

Approximately two weeks later (usually sooner) all images will be provided to you in a private online gallery for viewing ,

sharing, and purchasing with your friends & family.

-Clients can pick favorite 10 images for retouching ($50 per each extra edit request, payable upon request).

- $100 Online Print credit.

-Finished images (including extras if purchased) as high resolution files with

print release can be purchased for download at an additional $250.


The Extras

Custom printed Photo Box gift set filled with a 4x6 print of all images captured, plus  

one custom designed USB memory card containing all the high resolution files

from the photo shoot plus the edits available on request for $600.

The Dreaded Fine Print

Duplicate custom Photo Box gift set, with included 4x6 prints & custom USB drive available for purchase separately for $250 each. You can choose to print your own images for your friends & family or they can purchase their own through the site. It's up to you!

Photo prints & products may be purchased at current contracted rate by friends and family on line via the online gallery which will be available for 2 months.  All rates are subject to change at any time and without notice. In order to lock in current pricing, a standard non-refundable 50% deposit must be acquired at time of contract signing.  Remaining balance due at photo session.  If shoot is canceled, client forfeits all moneys paid and photographer is no longer obligated to provide any services, prints or products.  There is a $50 rescheduling fee if date needs to be changed. All session dates are subject to availability. 

*On location photo shoots available in and around the Kansas City Area. Any drive that requires more than 30 minutes of drive time each way are subject to possible additional fees.  All venue and parking fees must be paid in full by the client. ©Erika the Photographer, LLC.